# Christoph Kappestein

My name is Christoph Kappestein, I`am a developer, open-source enthusiast and chess player. I like to write PHP and Java applications. Talk is cheap show me the code!

## Open-Source:

  * Fusio (https://www.fusio-project.org/)
    Open source API management platform

  * PSX (https://www.phpsx.org/)
    A PHP framework to develop RESTful APIs

  * TypeSchema (https://typeschema.org/)
    A JSON format to describe JSON structures optimized for code generation

  * Apioo (https://github.com/apioo)
    Github organisation which contains API related projects

## Github:

  * apioo/fusio (https://github.com/apioo/fusio)
    Open source API management platform

  * apioo/psx (https://github.com/apioo/psx)
    PHP REST API Framework

  * apioo/psx-schema (https://github.com/apioo/psx-schema)
    Parse and generate data schema formats

  * apioo/psx-api (https://github.com/apioo/psx-api)
    Parse and generate API specification formats

  * apioo/typeschema (https://github.com/apioo/typeschema)
    TypeSchema is a JSON format to describe data models in a language neutral format

  * apioo/fusio-docker (https://github.com/apioo/fusio-docker)
    Official docker container of Fusio an open source API management system

## Projects:

  * Cloud (https://fusio.cloud/)
    A simple hosting service to create a Fusio instance in the cloud

  * ApiGen (https://apigen.app/)
    A RAD tool to automatically generate REST APIs based on model definitions

  * TypeHub (https://typehub.cloud/)
    TypeHub is a collaborative platform to design open data specifications, it is like GitHub but instead of code we model data

  * Apioo (https://apioo.de/)
    Project website which lists all our products

## Other:

  * Blog (https://medium.com/@chriskapp)
    Medium blog where I post about different topics

  * Twitter (https://twitter.com/FusioAPI)
    Twitter account of the Fusio project

  * YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/c/FusioAPI)
    YouTube account of the Fusio project

  * LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/christoph-kappestein-051962156/)
    LinkedIn account

  * Xing (https://www.xing.com/profile/Christoph_Kappestein/cv)
    Xing account

  * GitHub (https://github.com/chriskapp)
    Github account

## Contact:

You can contact me directly at:

To send me an encrypted mail use the following Public-Key: